Do you dream about an amazing video? I can create a high-quality video in Spain on the Costa del Sol. If you are looking for a unique videographer in Andalucia with a head full of ideas and great enthusiasm, you’ve come to the right place. Contact me!

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Videos in the highest quality 4K, high definition, amazing frames, brightness, sharpness, and colors. I use the highest quality professional equipment from Sony, DJI, Tamron, GoPro, and Panasonic.


Flexible services – Your dream video can be varied with a blend of traditional photography and drone shots that will raise the visual value to a higher level.


Many individuals and their businesses have put their faith in me. This is evidenced by many positive opinions.


I’m a professional videographer in Andalucia, who is passionate about capturing the perfect shot. I’m committed to delivering the best results for my clients by being attentive to all their needs and adopting a detail-oriented and professional approach. I have always recorded, with various cameras. Sometimes I regret that it is not enough and it is a pity that no one recorded me, I would have great memories. I will be with you all the time so that no detail escapes us. You won’t even know when the camera is on.

Let’s make a video.

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real Estate

In the real estate video, I want to show the best parts of the property. An interested potential buyer often makes a decision based on what they see in the first 30 seconds. High-quality video in good colors, showing the property from different perspectives is the key to a successful sale!

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Do you want an engagement or wedding movie or maybe you dream of a holiday movie on your social media? I know unique places in Andalusia, I can take you there where we will create amazing content!

MyMalaga Video


Video promoting cities or attractions, monuments and restaurants can all be presented in an unusual way, interesting for the recipient. Let your customers see a small part of your business to encourage them to visit or to establish cooperation with you!

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I use drones to take aerial photography and to create videos. Aerial shots diversify and change our perception of space. For example – presenting the property from the bird’s eye perspective helps us to realistically show the area of the plot that the property occupies.



Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. My passion is photography and video, but also the gym. As a result, I love making sports videos. Want to combine video of your training with motivational audio? – no problem! Let’s do this together – a video from a gym, training, or tournament!

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Creative video about your product or maybe a movie about your work. You can create anything you want with me, I am open to any idea. Write to me about what you need and I will help you for sure!



The film has an advantage over photos, capturing not one exact moment but the whole moment. It shows what we are experiencing at any given moment. Emotion, that is what the film will show accurately. It affects more senses. Adding the right music sets the mood. Sound and image combined into one will preserve this one moment.


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