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Looking for a professional photographer or videographer in Andalusia? Look no further than Hola Amigo! I specialize in photography, videography, and aerial photography services predominantly within the Costa del Sol area and towns Marbella, Malaga, Estepona, Gibraltar, Sotogrande, Tarifa, Cadiz and more. My photography, video, and aerial photo/video services combine my experience and passion to help you realise your ideas, bring them to life and make a great impression for you or your business venture online. My zest for creativity and passion is non-stop, something I am confident shows in all my completed projects. 

Photography has always been my hobby and now it has become a job that I love. Is there anything better? Thanks to this, I put all my energy into it and I never get bored. A beautiful sunset, a moment or a smile of another person gives me adrenaline and even more desire to act.

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high resolution, interesting frames, brightness, sharpness, and colors will attract the eyes of every viewer.


I work with real estate agencies, small businesses, guides, private clients, and Instagrammers. I’m not afraid of any challenges.


Many people and their companies have trusted me. This is evidenced by many positive opinions.


Videographer, photographer in Andalucia and the CEO of a trade and sales company. I live and create in the Spanish Costa del Sol working alongside real estate agencies, small companies, guides and private clients. I speak Polish, English and Spanish.
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Shooting video and pictures at the gym with Maciek was smooth, fast, and effective. The result was over my expectations and with a professional artistic touch. I will sure use him for all my upcoming video projects!
Maciek is very professional and his work is outstanding. He knows how to capture the best moments in a natural way as he did it on my video. His vision of how to show my lovely places in Malaga and the final result was better than I could dream off, full of passion and simply beautiful.
Maciek is a great photographer with a great sense of aesthetics and is very good at dealing with light. I love your photos and the passion you put into your work, congratulations!
Maciek always has interesting and new ideas. Prepared script for video and voice-over. It was possible to make several videos in a short time. I also received a couple of pictures

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